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Blood Bowl 2 : quelques informations complémentaires

Ecrit par Coxie, le 13-12-2013

Bien qu'à l'affut de la moindre information sur la version 2 de notre jeu de baston de management sportif préféré nous avions loupé ça. Autant dire que nous sommes impardonnables.
Quoique dans le BB tout est permis donc peu importe le pourquoi du comment, le principal est d'avoir l'information. Un postcast organisé par The Orca Cola Cast s'est déroulé dernièrement avec Gauthier Brunet, project manager chez Cyanide.
Les informations ne sont pas nombreuses mais elles ont le mérite d'exister et permettent tout de même de mettre les points sur les z'I à propos de quelques interrogations.

La retranscription en provenance des forums officiels est à lire ci-dessous :


Q1: Single-player AI - will there be any improvement?
A1: The AI is now based on external scripts rather than hardcoded, and can be changed without changing the program. May possibly open up the scripts to the community.

Q2: Will the game be turn-based and use the CRP rules, will it have a Blitz mode, are there changes in the classic mode, etc?
A2: BB2 no longer has a realtime mode, the focus is on turn-based. BB2 focuses on the CRP/LRB6 "experience" but has additions, and apparently the focus is on having a "unified experience" meaning that they do not want everything broken up into different sub-communities, which may suggest everyone is going to be forced to play under the same ruleset (including the additions that are not in CRP).

Q3: League interface is lousy, can we expect an improvement?
A3: The entire game has been re-written from scratch including the interface, and hopefully people like the new one better. Details on this unavailable.

Q4: Matchmaking criteria - will it be TV based still?
A4: Apparently the BB1 matching criteria wasn't only TV based, but they plan a ladder league with maybe a different matching system, etc. No details.

Q5: Connection-related issues for game... will they suck less? Will it be server-side now?
A5: The claim is yes, the matches will be server-side now, not client side.

Q6: Marketplace. How will it work?
A6: No real information, not even on whether its team gold or real cash. Not optional, though - all teams have access to it at creation time. May consider options in private leagues to only allow teams that have never used the marketplace or something.

Q7: Better data and statistic available to players on their team, league, etc?
A7: Tentative yes, though they haven't decided on specifics.

Q8: Open leagues - will they be better moderated?
A8: Cyanide and Focus will field their own moderators, maybe. Maybe they'll get some from the community. Maybe.

Q9: Backward compatibility? Can we use old teams from BB1?
A9: No.

QA: Are the models and graphics re-used or are they totally new?
AA: New models, but based on the same designs.

QB: Bugfixes? (dumb question - he already said it was rewritten from scratch... any bugs will be new bugs)
QB: Yes, in so much as the program is not the same program. Apparently the game rules will be script driven too, meaning the rules are softcoded and can be easier to fix.

QC: BB2's System Requirements.
AC: Hard to say. Runs smoothly currently on mid-range machines. Better graphics do mean slightly higher requirements, though.

QD: Will there be more player customization, visually?
AD: Taking a different approach to customization, but... not much detail.

QE: Will there be DLC and microtransactions?
AE: Not sure yet. It's up to Focus.

QE2: Will there be any ability to make custom races or custom players?
AE2: No plans for that.

QF: When is it coming out? Any plans for an open beta?
AF: Can't say anything more than 2014. There will probably be a beta, but closed or open isn't specified.

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